Comfort Insulation & Specialty Services

When you choose Comfort Attic Specialty Insulation and Cleanup, you know you are choosing a quality contractor and an insulation expert. We care about our company, our industry, our customers and our earned reputation. Comfort Attic Specialty Insulation and Cleanup is licensed and insured and proudly serves residential and commercial customers in the Greater Los Angeles area of West Hollywood, Valley Village, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Eagle Rock, Encino and Sherman Oaks, California. It is a fact that heating and cooling costs result in huge utility bills when a house or office is not properly insulated.

Our proven insulation products and installation techniques work all year long to create a thermal and acoustical envelope providing you with comfort, savings and energy efficiency throughout the seasons. We also specialize in attic cleanup services where we completely remove the old, moldy, damaged, pest infested insulation and replace it with new, clean and fresh insulation. Call Comfort Attic Specialty Insulation and Cleanup to learn more about what our insulation and weatherization can do for you!