Insulation and Installation in California and surrounding areas:
Energy prices are constantly increasing and saving money is becoming a major focus for a lot of home and business owners, especially those on limited budgets. Upgrading or replacing the insulation within your home with eco-friendly, thermal insulation can lower your energy costs by keeping your home comfortable. At Comfort Attic Insulation & Specialty Service, our expert insulation technicians can install many different types of insulation at reasonable prices quickly and efficiently.

Our Services include:

Fiberglass Insulation

Is one of the oldest and most popular types of insulation available on today’s market. Usually pink in color, fiberglass resembles cotton candy and as the name implies is made from glass fibers. Fiberglass insulation is available as loose-fill, roll, batts or blow- in and can be used in the attic, basement, exterior and interior walls and crawl spaces. Blown-in fiberglass insulation is perfect for insulating small crevices, gaps and leaks in your home. Batt fiberglass insulation is perfect for basements and crawl spaces and fits snuggly between walls and floor joists.

Benefits of Fiberglass Insulation

One of the most obvious benefits of fiberglass insulation is higher energy efficiency, but in addition to lowering your energy bill, fiberglass insulation can:

• Make your home comfortable during the summer and winter months
• Help to improve the efficiency of you HVAC unit
• Reduce noise

Cellulose Insulation

Is one of the most environmentally “green” products on the market, cellulose is composed of up to 80% recycled materials. If you are interested in increasing your homes energy efficiency while helping care for the environment, cellulose is the perfect product for you. Cellulose is available as loose fill (dry), spray applied (wet) and can be used in basements, crawl spaces, exterior and interior walls and floors.

Benefits of Cellulose Insulation

Being “Green” is just one of the many benefits of cellulose insulation, other benefits include:

• Year round comfort within your home
• Reduce outside noise and cut down on ambient noise within the home
• Improve the efficiency of your HVAC unit

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam is applied in a liquid form and resembles wet paint; it dries in seconds and expands into thick foam that adjusts to tightly fit and seal the selected space for example around piping or between walls. Because of its ability to mold and shape itself snugly, spray foam has become a very popular and cost effective insulation option.

Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

Total coverage and the tight seal it forms make spray foam a perfect insulation option for small gaps, crevices, and cracks around piping and ductwork, other benefits include:

• Year round comfort within your home
• Lower your monthly utility bills
• Fewer air leaks
• Lower the amount of pollen and dust within your home

Radiant Barrier Insulation

If your home is experiencing low energy efficiency and energy loss, your attic may not be properly insulated. Attics are renowned for being one of the largest culprits for energy loss in the home. While radiant barrier insulation works particularly well in the attic, it can also be beneficial to homes with air ducts in the attic, an extremely hot second story, little or no shade from trees and asphalt shingle roofing.

Benefits of Radiant Barrier Insulation

If soundproofing is a priority, radiant barrier is not the best choice of insulation for your home, however other benefits include:

• Lower monthly energy costs while improving energy efficiency
• Comfortable home all year round
• Improve HVAC efficiency

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