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You may have heard of the term insulation and you probably have some idea about what it does, but do you know exactly how it works? If you answered no to this question, you are certainly not alone. The majority of home and business owners have no idea about the specifics of insulation; they usually know just enough to understand that their home or business should be insulated. If you are searching for information on insulation and you are interested in finding out about how it works within your home, look no further. The professional technicians at Comfort Attic Insulation & Specialty Service have been providing superior products and top-notch service in San Bernardino, CA and surrounding areas since 2008. Comfort Attic Insulation & Specialty Service, is a licensed, bonded and insured professional insulation company. Our certified technicians are professionally trained in all areas of the insulation industry including sound proofing.

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What is Insulation? In layman’s terms, insulation is a material that when professional installed, stops the transfer of heat. Typically, you will find that there are four basic types of insulation including:

Fiberglass Insulation – Typically soft and fluffy in appearance, fiberglass is composed of many tiny fibers of glass. Normally pink in color it resembles cotton candy.
Cellulose insulation – known as one of the most eco-friendly types of insulation available on the market, cellulose is made from tiny bits of newspaper and recycled materials.
Spray Foam Insulation: Typically made from resin and other chemicals such as polyurethane, spray foam expands into thick foam when applied, easily filling small cracks and crevices.
Radiant Barrier Insulation – also known as reflective or foil insulation, a radiant barrier usually consists of highly reflective material, typically aluminum foil.

Insulation works at optimum levels when installed in your attic, crawl space, spaces and gaps behind your walls, around plumbing and other areas that allow heat to leak and escape out of your home. Insulation prevents heat from entering your cooled home in the summer months and heat leaving your home during the colder months. In addition, proper insulation can lower your energy costs dramatically.

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How Does Insulation Work? Each type of insulation works differently, and the technicians at Comfort Attic Insulation & Specialty Services understand that each home has its own particular requirements. That’s why each job is customized to ensure you receive the best products and services available. Our skilled technicians can guide you on the advantages and disadvantages of each product and help you choose which type of insulation is best suited for your home or office.

Attic Clean Up & Insulation Services in San Bernardino, CA & Surrounding Areas

Fiberglass Insulation has alot of air gaps between the strands of glass to trap heat and prevent it from escaping. Radiant Barrier Insulation reflects heat, which will keep your home cooler and more comfortable resulting in lower energy bills. How well a particular type of insulation stops the transfer of heat is measured in R-Value. R-Value is a term that refers to the insulation resistance to heat flow. If the product has a high R-Value, the more effective it is at stopping the transfer of heat. It’s important to understand that just because a product has a high R-Value, this doesn’t necessary mean it’s the right product for your home. Some of the factors that we consider before installing insulation include: Your homes location and the area you live, the age of your home and the type of HVAC system you currently have in your home, to name a few. Confused? Don’t be, the highly trained and professional technicians at Comfort Attic Insulation & Specialty Service are here to assist you, contact Comfort Attic Insulation & Specialty Service today for a free no obligation estimate also ask about our professional home insulation inspections.

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